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Introducing the Bibliotherapy Blog

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach that incorporates recommended media (from books to films) into the counselling process to promote understanding, normalisation, empathy, and development.

We use Bibliotherapy in our practice at Staghorn Sexology as a form of psychosexual education, normalisation, and up-skilling ourselves and our client.s

Blogging the Bibliotherapy

The media is saturated with sexual based content and the amount of information online and on the self help bookshelf can be overwhelming.

There is some great content available but it can be hard to decipher the good from the bad.

So to help you decipher the HOT and the NOT we've put together this blog as a way of providing our take on what's currently out there.

Here you'll find recommendations and reviews around what to read, from peer reviewed journal articles to fiction, and what to watch, from TED talks to the latest Hollywood and Indy new releases ... as well as what to avoid.

Who is The Stag Geek?

The Stag Geek is our resident Blogger, sex nerd, film buff, and bibliophile. With a background in arts and film studies as well as sexology The Stag Geek is chomping at the bit to peruse, critique and inform you about his take on all things sex, media, books and film.

But who exactly is he you may ask?

Let's just say he's the Richard Bachman to our Stephen King.

You can find him on Instagram @thestaggeek

Our rating system

We've broken our critique into two sections - entertainment value and sexological content

  • Entertainment rating

Here we'll rate how much we enjoyed (or cringed at) the content we're reviewing. From camera angles to soundtracks, from character development to metaphors we'll pick apart our film or story and give a rating out of 5 as to how much we enjoyed it from the consumer perspective.

  • Sexological Rating

Here we'll rate how we felt about the sexological content of what we're reviewing.

Did the story portray a sex positive message?

Is the movie perpetuating myths and stereotypes about gender and sexuality?

We'll apply current theory and evidence and apply a rating out of 5 that we feel justifies the content from the sex therapy perspective.

Seen or read anything good lately?

If you have any recommendations or want us to review some content that's not yet appeared on our blog we'd love to hear from you.

Write to us on our socials or at

Disclaimer: All material posted is the author's opinion and should not take the place of tailored advice, unique to your situation, from a medical or healthcare professional.

All images and gifs are sourced through and the author's private photo collection unless otherwise stated.

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