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Relationship Counselling

Stuck in a rut?
Having the same old arguments?
Don't know how to move forward after an affair?
Andrew can assist you to build strategies to work through common relationship issues.

Relationships require work. Often we get stuck in the same patterns of behaviour that can lead to resentment, conflict and hopelessness. Andrew can support couples to work through common areas of relationship distress including:

  • Infidelity

  • STI's/HIV within relationships

  • Serodiscordant status relationships

  • Communication problems and conflict

  • Mismatched libido 

  • Infertility and family planning (including working through IVF and fostercare/adoption issues)

  • Significant life events e.g. death of a parent, a new baby

  • Mental health, alcohol or other drugs, gambling and how these impact a relationship  

  • Navigating the dating world

  • Consensual non-monogamy, polyamorous relationships and opening relationships 

  • How to break up amicably 


Andrew provides a safe space for couples of all kinds including gay, lesbian, open / non-monogamous and trans partnerships.
We also support individuals who are struggling on the dating scene so partnered or not reach out to see how we might assist you.
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