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Sex Therapy

Suffering from performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation?
Wondering where your libido went?
Wanting to have more satisfying sex?
Andrew takes a bio-psycho-social-sexual and multidisciplinary approach in helping you tackle common sexual concerns.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy utilitises a toolkit of knowledge and skills found to assist individuals and couples with sex related concerns. Sex therapy is a talking therapy only - although we talk a lot about it no touching, nudity, or sex is involved in the process (except for the homework prescribed with yourself or your partner). 

Using his background in Social Work Andrew conducts a thorough bio-psycho-social-sexual assessment to identify possible causes for your sexual concerns and develops a treatment plan with you to overcome these issues.

Andrew takes a multidisciplinary approach to sex therapy and may encourage you to consider a referral to other services depending on your presenting problem. This may include work with your GP to rule out physical causes of common sexual problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, or a referral to a physiotherapist that specialises in pelvic floor to assess for issues there. All contact with outside sources occurs only with your permission and your privacy is our utmost priority. 

The Process


Sex Therapy has been found to be more effective when a couple attends together. Andrew's approach usually conists of:

  • A joint couple session to identify the issues (usually 90 minutes long) 

  • Separate individual sessions providing opportunity to learn more about each partners history and needs (60 minutes each)

  • Rejoining sessions following this to bring it all together and work towards resolving the issues (60 minutes here on out) 

The number of sessions varies depending on the issues but between 8 and 12 is usually standard. We provide flexibility in the number of sessions we offer taking into account your circumstances, relapse and maintenance. 

Sex Therapy can occur and be successful without a partner. Many issues occur in the absence of others - for example, compulsive masturbation or paraphilias. That said if your partner feels inhibited to attend we can work toward strategies to encourage attendance or apply homework to engage your partner to meed your joint needs. 

Most of the work happens by you (and your partner) outside of sessions with guided homework exercises. 

Andrew utilises many Sex Therapy styles in his practice including:

  • Sensate Focus 

  • The Good Enough Sex Model 

  • Integrative Sexual Health Counselling

  • Gottman Method Couple Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Couple Therapy

What can we help with?

Female issues
  • Low libido (HypoSexual Desire Disorder) (HSDD)

  • GenitoPelvic Pain Disorder (including vaginismus) (GPPD)

  • Anorgasmia 

  • Coping with genital dryness and self lubrication issues

  • Menopause (including rapid onset following hysterectomy)

  • Breast, cervical and ovarian cancer

​Common sexual concerns
  • Sexual orientation

  • Parents having difficulty coping with sexuality and/or gender diverse children or partners

  • Gender issues 

  • HIV 

  • Herpes

  • STI's including disclosure to partners

  • Safer sex

  • The impact of ageing on sexual function

  • Pornography concerns or misuse

  • Masturbation issues

  • Health related issues inlcuidng heart disease, diabetes and cancer

  • Fetishes and Paraphilias

Male issues
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)

  • Low libido (HypoSexual desire disorder) (HSDD)

  • Ejaculation and orgasm issues including:

        - premature ejaculation (PE)

        - delayed ejaculation (DE)

        - coping with retrograde ejaculation

  • Anorgasmia

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)

  • Prostate cancer 

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